20 September 2011

Koolstix Barquillos en Sorbetes (Ice Cream filled Barquillos)

Long, Crunchy and Messy. Barquillos, its one of those snacks that we Filipinos love. I'm not really a fan of eating Barquillos, but hey, who can resist when you're being offered some.

Barquillos are thin rolled cookies. Usually sold in the streets and "pasalubong" shops. Iloilo is known for this particular delicacy. It is said to have originated from Spain.

Koolstix Barquillos en Sorbetes, a kiosk in Greenhills Shopping Center decided to fill these hand rolled biscuits with Ice Cream. When we were there, their ice cream flavors to choose from were Vanilla and Chocolate. While their Barquillos were flavored Dark Chocolate.

Koolstix Kiosk (Located at the Food Delicacies Area near the Tiangge)

I chose to have my Barquillos filled with Vanilla Ice Cream since I thought it might be too sweet to have both the Ice Cream and Barquillos chocolate flavored.

Vanilla Ice Cream filled; Dark Chocolate Barquillos
Sorry for the quality of the photo. I was just excited to eat it at that time and even forgot to take pictures. Haha. When your Barquillos is served, the top has the typical swirl like most ice cream (served in cones) have. It is then topped with candy sprinkles.

I enjoyed eating this snack. The Barquillos was thick, crispy and really had a flavor of the Dark Chocolate which went well with the Vanilla Ice Cream. Their ice cream is the typical soft-serve ice cream, but hey, it goes really well with their Barquillos.

For Php 25 a stick, it's definitely worth the try and a refreshing change from the usual ice cream cones we have :)

Great idea, Koolstix! :)

Check out their Facebook page for updates and information about their product:
Koolstix Original
Koolstix Original Facebook Page


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