24 November 2011

Casual Dining at Almon Marina

Almon Marina has been one of our regular places we go to for our Sunday brunch. We like the service, the place and most especially the food.

Almon Marina is a Deli and Sandwich Bar. Although sandwiches are their specialties, they have a wide range of dishes to choose from.

Almon Marina's Menu

Crepe Asparagus (Php 45)
With ham, pickles & asparagus slices.
This is one of our favorite appetizers. Light and delectable. 
This a good appetizer while waiting for your main course.

Chicken Kebab (Php 175)
Meat on skewer garnished with slice tomatoes, onions, & bell peppers. 
Served with each own special sauce, rice pilaff & herbed vegetables.

Chicken is juicy and tender. Rarely does it have a burnt spot. Apart from the vegetables skewered with the chicken, it also comes with a side of herbed vegetables which are also good. Their special sauce has a peanut-y flavor to it which I think blends well with the chicken.

Herbed Salisbury Steak (Php 180)
served with rice pilaff and potato salad.

My brother had this for lunch. According to him, it was good. I asked him if he could describe the juiciness of the patty, all he gave me was a thumbs-up sign while chewing. Man of a few words. :))

Sydney Special & Salad Combo + Drink (Php 225)
(On Sydney Special): Rare roast beef on rye with tomatoes, onions, cheese, 
apple slices, mustard & horseradish.

If you want to veer away from the usual rice meals, you can try their light but filling gourmet sandwiches.

If you want a complete meal, I suggest you try out their Gourmet Combinations. You can have your choice of sandwich with a soup or salad or both! Plus, it comes with a glass of their refreshing Citrus Iced Tea.

Citrus Iced Tea (Php 58)
Very refreshing and not too sweet.

 (R-L) Blueberry Cheesecake, Nutty Pecan Pie, Apple Pie.

I've tried most of their cakes and so far they were all good.  If you want a healthier option, 
they also serve Carrot Cakes which are moist and yummy.

One of the spots in the restaurant that's more private.

Very Reasonably Priced. For as low as Php 165 you can get yourself a gourmet combination of a tasty pasta and a filling sandwich. Also, they don't scrimp on their ingredients, hence, a consistent amount of servings per dish.

Hands down. Great tasting and freshly prepared.

Another reason why we frequent this place is its great service. Although you'd have to go to the counter to order your food, their waiters render excellent restaurant service. Their waiters are appropriately-dressed, complete with a vest and half-apron. Very polite, efficient and accommodating.

None, but they do have a wash area.

Casual yet you will tend to forget this when the waiters start serving you. A variety of classics play in the background such as Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti and Bossa Nova. Though the place may at times be filled with diners, it still doesn't feel too crowded since the tables are amply spaced.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A. Best to park your cars at the car park of building A. It's located at a corner spot and is near the supermarket and the escalators.

Highly recommended. Almon Marina has been one of our favorite restaurants to go to, not only because of the food, but also because of the service. The waiters and cashiers are well-trained. In fact, they set my "standards" for good service despite the fact that it's a casual dining restaurant. Price-wise, I think it's very reasonable and well-worth it considering the kind of food and service you get.

Some other dishes that I recommend:
*Fish & Fries with Pasta
*Spanish Beef Stew
*Chef's Salad
*Oriental Fish Fillet
*Garlic Sausage, Pasta, Salad & Garlic Bread Combo

Almon Marina - Megamall Branch
G/F Building A, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Almon Marina - Website


  1. I've been ignoring this restaurant whenever I'm in malls.. I didn't know they offer reasonably priced food. The chicken kebab looks so yummy too! :) Will definitely try this resto soon.

  2. @Sumi: Yes, we also thought it was pricey. But they offer good food at a reasonable price.